Relationship And Marriage


Relationship and Marriage: Godly Principles You Need to Know, is a book inspired by God and an accumulation of diverse experience running a singles and married ministry for close to two decades.

Marriage is for the matured, to handle a godly relationship that will eventually lead to a marriage that is worthy of example requires maturity – spiritual, emotional, financial and psychological.

This book will open your understanding and fine tune your orientation on the subject of single life, dating, courting relationship and marriage in line with God’s own standards and precepts.

God is family-oriented and is interested in the family where partners continually live in unity, honour and respect for – not only God’s guidelines – but each other.

Basic truths regarding your single and married life as spelt out in this book should not be taken for granted.

Marital problems can be solved, single life challenges can be overcome, attacks of disunity in the home are real; but thankfully, powers that causes marital delay can be destroyed.

This book and the prayer points at the final pages will be of immense blessing to you.