Healing From Heaven Crusade

Pastor Blessing Olamijulo has a strong calling as an Evangelist and his passion for for soul winning and to see men liberated has been fully demonstrated through the HEALING FROM HEAVEN CRUSADE.

He is a man who will never embark on a journey or project without thorough confirmation from the Holy Spirit. That is why when God told him to emabark fully into crusades, there was no iota of doubt that indeed God is involved, he did not delay in anyway.

God’s intruction to His servant was also to take the HEALING FROM HEAVEN CRUSADE across Alimosho and its environs. The crusade train has moved from Abesan Estate, Ipaja, then to Ayobo area, the projection is to go across Alimosho LCDA’s. This is not man’s ambition, this is God’s kingdom mission as delivered to P.B to spread the gospel, save souls and prepare them for the coming of the Lord.

Matthew.16:13 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature“. This is God’s commandment to us this end time, to evangelize and win souls into the kingdom, hence we are going all our to ensure we do not retreat in this task.

HEALING FROM HEAVEN CRUSADE has been characterised with vigorous preaching of the message of Christ Jesus and Him crucified through the word, and the lives of many transformed as they respond to the word.

A woman was right within her house during one of the crusades in January 2023, while listening to the word of God, she received and believed God’s word, she ran down to the crusade ground to testify of how her husband who had abandoned her for a long time called her and came back home after the release of the word of restoration.

HEALING FROM HEAVEN CRUSADE has seen diverse healings by the hand of God, a woman who was present at one of the crusade testified of her healing after receiving a word of knowledge, she had difficulty walking due to illness in her bones, but after the release of God’s word she noticed she could walk easily without pains , to prove it she walked home herself without any aid to the glory of God. This confirms God’s word in Mark 16:20 “And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.”

Every crusade has been characterised with notable encounters, people delivered from the bondage of darkness and the shackles of the enemy as the power of God located them in the midst of prayers. The Prophetic grace was also in display across every crusade ground as men and women experienced the love and touch of God prophetically, revealing their problems and challenges and receiving instant solution to their issues.