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Covenant Day of Prophecy Fulfillment

Prophecy is capturing the future today, and you must be a man of faith to believe that what you have not seen is YOU. Your future model is better than the present – God speaks from His realm and you must receive it here.

How Does God Speak:

1.  God speaks according to His capacity as God, the unlimited! He will never speak to you from your level, He speaks from His abundance; so your poverty and limitation cannot stop Him.
2. God speaks in faith. You must carry faith, for His prophecy to be fulfilled.
3. God calls you by your future. He doesn’t call you by your present or your experience. Nobody at first sees himself as qualified, but God is speaking to you because He sees the future, this is why it is important to act in faith.
4. God speaks as a performer. He will never say what He can’t do. Before you were born, these things were done – and He is telling you now that He will do it if you will embrace it.


Triggers for Prophecy Fulfilment

1. Integrity
2. Righteousness
3. Faith

Power of Sacrifice

Sacrifice, in this context, is surrendering yourself or something precious to you in the honour of God.

It is to surrender, give up, relinquish, or part away with a possession for the sake of a cause.

Sacrificial living is seeing to it that something you desire comes to pass no matter the costs.

Where there is no sacrifice, vision remains on paper – sacrifice and work brings your vision and prophecy to fulfilment.

Spirituality without responsibility is irresponsible. For every “I will do” of God, there is “to do” of men!

When God was choosing Saul, David was not in the picture… But the same God that chose Saul rejected him – because of disobedience. Bear in mind that God’s choice of Saul was influenced by the people, they wanted a man as king and God gave them what they wanted – be careful what you desire and ask God for, it can destroy you. Maturity is waiting for God to choose for you — aggression is choosing and presenting it to God. God will answer you according to the idol of your heart.

Sacrifice is that which is set aside and presented to honour God – it can be finance, material, spiritual. Some people set their bodies aside to serve God, some sacrifice getting married to serve God and His people.

The strength of your sacrifice determines the strength of your answers. If you can’t pay the price, don’t compare or mock the one who is. What are you sacrificing for God?

People Who Stood Out With Their Sacrifice to God

1. Solomon. God came again and again to Solomon about 21 times, because of his sacrifice. II Chronicles 7:11-22; I Kings 9:1-9
What we have not seen is what we have not sacrificed enough to get.

2. Abraham. He waited many years to get his prophecy fulfilled, and when he finally got it, thirteen years God asked for it as sacrifice.
He went to the mountain with his only son to sacrifice him, believing he would go back home with the boy. This was mad faith.”The days of visitation are come, the days of recompence are come; Israel shall know it: the prophet is a fool, THE SPIRITUAL MAN IS MAD…” – Hosea 9:7

3. David. His giving alone was more than what Israel gave. He gave half of what was required for the building of the temple.

4. The Woman With the Alabaster Box Matt. 26:7. Bible scholars told us that this expensive perfume she poured on Jesus’ head was worth a year’s wages.
Some people are still struggling with ten percent when others are giving a full year’s wages – the difference will always be there.

Your need will fight your seed, but you must determine to give the seed in order to receive. Grace is needed for sacrificial giving – the strength of your sacrifice will determine the strength of the fulfilment of your sacrifice.

Blessings of Sacrificial Living

1. Increase
2. Growth
3. Establishment
4. Protection & Preservation
5. Provision


Warfare Trigger for Prophecy Fulfilment

By an act of faith, Isaac reached into the future as he blessed Jacob and Esau. Hebrews 11:20 MSG

Prophecy is speaking things to come.

Prophecy comes from:

1. The Word of God. II Pet.1:19. The word of God is prophecy without measure, it trumps what a prophet can say – because a man can only prophesy according to his level of faith.
2. Prophets.
3. Family. Sometimes what happens in your family will happen in your life – some things need to be prayed off.
4. Your Character & Daily Routine. Your routine determines your success. Future arrive in seconds and what you put into your today prophesies what your future is.
If you don’t look into what you do today, no matter what your prophecy is, you can destroy it. What you do is what you become.
5. Your Words. Mind what you say especially in pain and your downtime or when you’re extremely happy; in this kingdom, we say it to get it.
The children of Israel didn’t get into the Promised Land save for Joshua and Caleb because of what they said. You will reap the fruit of your words.

“This charge I entrust to you, Timothy, my child, in accordance with the prophecies previously made about you, that by them you may wage the good warfare…” 1 Timothy 1:18 ESV

If you can’t fight, forget your prophecy fulfillment. The moment God announces your next level, the devil announces the next devils.

There’s battle to fight – the battle for prophecy and destiny fulfilment. The devil fought Abraham’s prophecy of being a father of many nations by withholding his promise child for 99 years.

Prophecy attracts attacks, you must fight for it to come to pass! But you must fight from the standpoint of knowing that victory is already certain.

From prophecy to fulfilment, in between is battle. Don’t celebrate prophecy, check the battle and the work involved that will get you to the point of fulfilment.

Every arrangement of hell over your life, expires today in the name of Jesus.



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