Blessing Ola Mentoring School (BOMS)

The Blessing Ola Mentoring School was established in 2015 and has graduated over 120 students across several church denominations.

The school has trained leaders, pastors, music ministers, drama ministers, business men/women and solopreneurs, church workers etc.

Many have returned from this mentoring platform changed, refreshed, motivated and re-fired to take on life, business, marriage and prepared to impact their generation.

The Blessing Ola Mentoring School prepares you not just only for roles in evangelical Christian ministry but the theological coursework and practical experiences shared during classes impacts, deepens your understanding and strengthens your knowledge of everything you need to know about your life, purpose and ministry.

The focused coursework aims at improving your Christian education, personal growth and maturity, nurturing your faith and helping you get familiar with the spiritual tools that are required to keep you centered and focused in ever sphere of life.

Studies enable you to not only learn more about the Bible, but also to share its message with others and support people who rely on you for spiritual, emotional, and moral guidance.

Other specialized studies include life-transforming teachings on marriage, family building, character development, vision analysis etc. – all of these taught via biblical examples and personal experiences.

What’s more? You get to meet and form lifetime friendships with like-minded people with same passion to serve the Lord and invest their lives in things that will further the kingdom of Christ.

You also get the opportunity to become a direct protege to Pastor Blessing Olamijulo.

For more information, contact the dean of faculty on +2348034694371 or +2348185734553

Looking forward to having you!

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